5 Best Walkie Talkie 2020 Apps

Cell phones are something that keeps communication on our fingertips, however, it seems that walkie-talkies remain only in a few remote areas now. But there are people who need a push to talk or PTT capability so that they could catch someone quickly. Few want to join a group conversation that is centered around your area. Well, you can do all these things now with the correct walkie talkie app. Check 2020 5 Best Walkie Talkie 2020 Apps given further with its goods and bads.

1. Zello – Push To Talk Privately or Across the Globe


· Open group communication Live

· Compatible with Apple Watch 

· Support Android wearables

· One can set the status to offline


· Not recommended for kids because it uses allow in-app purchases.

· With a monthly fee, higher security is offered by a professional version.

2. Two Way – The Faster Way to Make a Channel


· A quick setup without any account 

· Uses minimal battery and runs in the background

· It doesn’t collect any personal information


· All channels are public.

· Offers in-app purchases.

3. Marco Polo – Walkie Talkie With Video


· App is cost-free and doesn’t consider any in-app purchases.

· Messages aren’t removed.

· You can see the messages that who is watching or who saw messages.

· If users are not able to record the audio, then it permits them to send messages.


· Requires higher speed service for video streaming. 

· Best efficiency with WiFi or the latest mobile data service.

· Higher battery usage.


4. Voxer – Live Or Recorded Audio Combined With Multimedia


· One can share multimedia elements to a group 

· Secure encrypted content

· For future reference, Messages are saved. 


· If you upgrade to Pro version, then it asks for In-app purchases 

· Free version stores messages for only 30-days 

· Additional features are only available on the “pro” version


5. Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie – Catch Your (Apple Watch-Using) Contacts Instantly


· Apple Watch: for quick communication, the interface is very easy to use 

· No need to search your phone for listening to messages or sending them.

· Can turn the app on or off.

· If you choose Theater or Do Not Disturb mode, then the app automatically goes to unavailable.


· Support on Apple Watch Series 1 and later.

· WatchOS 5 is a must.

· Available for specific locations.


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